Financial & Practical Care

Financial & Practical Care

Care Partners assist Celebration Church members who find themselves in financial crisis. Financial care involves much more than “a last minute rush to pay rent to avoid eviction or to pay a utility bill to keep the lights on.” It’s an intentional and proactive educational, counseling, and coaching process to develop an action plan for establishing long-term, self-sustaining financial freedom, stability and strength. Our main priority is to walk with you through your present circumstances and help you take your next steps toward financial health.

We are not set up to provide immediate financial assistance. Our process takes time but it focuses on the bigger, long-term picture of your financial situation. See our list of Community Resources for contact information of other local agencies and organizations if you need immediate emergency resources or services.

If you are a member of Celebration Church and would like to know how to begin the process of financial guidance, complete the online financial assistance application. Click here to submit an online Benevolence Application. To establish a personal and family budget, use our budget forms to get you organized and guide you in creating a structured plan to manage your finances more effectively.

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