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ZIMBABWE – The Fruit of Faithfulness

On a hot, sunny day in the heart of Zimbabwe, under a big, vibrant Jacaranda tree, 12 individuals gathered together with one mission; to seek the heart of the Lord. Having been disowned by their former church for standing up against leadership that was stealing resources from the poor, this small group of people came together longing for healthy fellowship that desired more of Him.

That’s when they met Pastor Dixon Changara.

Pastors Dixon and Chipo Changara had just begun coordinating a Bible study outside of their home under the big, beautiful tree. Though the small group of believers and friends had only the shade from the tree to shelter their little church, this was home, and they were faithful to steward what God had given them: their community.


Under the big, vibrant Jacaranda tree, they would set up a keyboard, drums, and guitars, be discipled in the Word by Pastor Dixon, pray together, and to end their time together, have a braai (a barbeque in Afrikaans!). Pastors Dixon and Chipo poured their hearts out into the group of twelve as the Lord poured into them. They grew together, healed together, and faithfully sought the Holy Spirit together.


As the Holy Spirit and the fellowship enriched them, they began to invite others. Soon enough, the small group of twelve multiplied by many, and they outgrew their sacred space under the tree. God made a way for them to begin renting a small hall nearby. Though they finally had a roof over their heads and some walls to officially call home, church would never simply be four walls; it was who they were.


Now, they have grown beyond even those walls. What started with 12 people and a tree grew to become a multi-campus nondenominational church that feeds over 80,000 children in poverty EVERY DAY! Those same 12 people that stood up against their former leader for stealing from the poor set into motion a Christ-centered movement that would extend beyond the four walls of the church and begin to combat global poverty, all for the glory of God.


And it all started with a faithful “yes” and obedience. 

Isn’t it powerful what God can do through 12 people and a tree?

Or even through 12 disciples? 

Or even a small deacon group?

The fruit of faithfulness is always immeasurably more than all we could begin to ask or imagine.

He isn’t asking for much, just our “yes.”

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