At Celebration, we believe that children are a heritage from the Lord and should be trained to be “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior…” (Psalms 127:4). Because of that, our cKids services utilize curriculums that will teach your kids the Word of God in a creative, fun, and age-appropriate way. We value safety as a top priority and have crafted engaging environments that will help your child grow in wisdom, stature, and in favor with both God and man. If you are a new parent to Celebration and would like some additional resources, please click below.


At Celebration Church, we believe that reaching the next generation is the key changing the world for Jesus. Their energetic passion, unflinching conviction, and unwavering idealism uniquely qualify them to be world changers.

The unfortunate truth is that our youth are living in a world that is determined to corrupt their potential and steal their future. This is why Celebration YTH exists. We lead students to Jesus and empower them to be lights in a dark world.

For questions or concerns, or to speak with a Celebration YTH Pastor or team member
please email


YTH CREWS meet every Thursday to provide a place for students to grow with God and grow together. Find out more about YTH CREWS after service at our connect tents. 

Relevant message to their generation/Community/Hangtime. 


Weekly youth service for Middle and High school students that is held during the 1st service at both locations. 

Relevant message to their generation/Community/Hangtime. 


YTH NIGHT is a quarterly, city-wide event that is open to all students from Middle to High School. YTH Nights are an engaging, youth event with incredible worship

and a relevant message geared towards the youth of today. These nights are a great way to connect to the life of the church and see what we are all about.


What is Celebration YTH?

Celebration YTH is the middle school and high school ministry of Celebration Church. YTH exists to lead students to Jesus and empower them to be lights in a dark world.

What are YTH Crews?

Celebration YTH Crews are small groups of students and adult leaders. At Celebration Church, we believe that life change happens in the context of community. YTH Crews make it possible have more in-depth discussions about what God is doing in the lives of our students.  YTH Crews meet on Sunday mornings during the 1st service at both of our locations. #DontDoLifeAlone

How can I serve with Celebration YTH?

If you are passionate about helping middle and high school students follow Jesus, we would love for you to join the team! To ensure the safety of our students and their experience, there is a tightly structured process for leaders. Please click here to learn about your next steps to serve.




SUB30 night happens on the last Wednesday of every month. This is a time when all of the community comes together to worship, hear an encouraging message, and hang out. Do you find yourself longing for more? More depth to your friendships? More purpose to your life? More truth? So are we. Join us on the journey towards more as we discover what this life is all about.


SUB30 groups happen every day across Orlando. These groups provide the opportunity for anyone who desires to get connected in what we like to call, Godly community. Godly community doesn’t mean that we are perfect, it just means that we are here to focus on who God is and who He has created us to be. SUB30 groups range from co-ed sports, to men’s and women’s book studies. No matter where you are in life, or Orlando, there’s a group for you.


SUB30 socials will take place once a month on various dates. We have Socials to create space for authentic yet relaxed connection. We want friends that we can just hang out with, not just talk about heavy things. Sometimes soc Aials are Dinner Parties where we do potluck style dinners at a few different houses across Orlando. Or we may have beach days, friends-giving, Halloween parties, or dodgeball tournaments. You can bring a friend or come alone and we promise you will have a good time!

We have designed our ministry to married couples to be intentionally focused on the various seasons of married life. Our goal is simple – we want to help you invest in your marriage, while you enjoy the blessing God has given you in your spouse. Everything we do is purposefully designed to be relevant for both men and women.




Congratulations on your engagement! You are in love and it’s the real thing. Together, you have made the big decision to get married. But now what? Not only do you have to plan a wedding, but you must also prepare for marriage.

Preparing for a marriage is required! We value the significance of biblical marriage as a sacred, life-long commitment that reflects the deep relationship Christ has with His followers – the Church. We are committed to helping you establish a strong God-First foundation as you begin married life together.

For more information on Pre-Marital classes please email:


We are committed to supporting strong, healthy, and growing marriages and families. Marriage can be the most challenging of all human relationships. Raising children is a difficult, complicated responsibility. Our Pastors and Care Partners are available to help you find biblical solutions to restore a distressed or broken relationship and discover new ways to experience success in your marriage and family. Asking for support and guidance when you need it is a wise choice – it can turn a crisis around and transform your life as a couple and family.

Our Marriage Ministry offers classes and groups to help you invest in your marriage and family by developing your skills as a spouse and parent.

If you would like to speak with someone about your marriage or family situation, please submit a Request & Agreement for Care.

As people walk through life, sooner or later, everyone needs a little help!

Celebration Care Ministry exists to support individuals, couples, and families with Biblical, life-giving care as they navigate through challenges they may face in any season of life.

“Gently encourage those who struggle; reach out to the exhausted and take care of those who are weak…” (1 Thessalonians 5:14b)

“Share each other’s burdens and in this way obey the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2)

Our Care Ministry Team of experienced, highly-trained, well-supervised Care Partners are available to celebrate special occasions or walk with you through the painful experiences and difficult transitions of life.

We will listen to the story about your situation and seek to fully understand what is going on in your life. Together, with faith and by seeking God’s wisdom, we can help you identify potential solutions and access practical resources that empower you to take the next steps forward through the changes and uncertainty you are facing.


Let us pray and celebrate with you! Care Partners are available to pray with you – it may be about a crisis, a big decision, or they are available to celebrate with you – let us know the incredible things God is doing in your life! Together, we will talk to God about your situation and then watch and listen for His response.

You can experience the peace and power of prayer by responding to the prayer invitation during weekend services. Throughout the week, a team of people pray for the needs of anyone who asks for prayer. No matter what your circumstances, let us know how can we pray and/or celebrate with you!


Care Partners are available to visit Celebration Church members as well as loved ones who need care when hospitalized due to medical emergency or illness. We also visit individuals in hospice, extended care, and assisted living facilities. The goal for each visit is to share words of encouragement, offer prayers of faith, and extend the healing touch and love of Christ to every patient and their family.

If you, or someone you love, would like a visit from a Care Partner, please complete the form below.





Life is difficult and confusing at times. You may be going through a season of spiritual doubt or disconnection and distance from God. You feel stuck and unable to move forward as you do your best to cope with stress, depression, anxiety, grief, anger, codependency, or addictions and more. Countless complex questions about life demand answers that make sense and will work for you.

You may be in a place where God is inviting you to capture new opportunities for personal growth or ministry to others. You want to obey Him and follow His leadership, but you’re not sure about what direction to go. You recognize your need for God’s wisdom and insight to make good decisions.

Our Pastors and Care Partners can help you sort through the conflicting thoughts and emotions within your soul. They will pray with you to know what God is calling you to pursue with bold faith. As you understand the principles God reveals in the Bible and hear what He is saying to you, your mind and heart will be transformed with a new experience of faith, hope, and peace. Our prayer is for your spiritual growth and personal healing in Christ. Throughout the year a variety of classes and community groups are offered to deepen your spiritual life and grow stronger as a person.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding your spiritual life, emotional health, and personal issues, please submit the form below.



Connect and engage with us all week long via the Celebration App. You can access personalized push notifications and a Dynamic Home Screen with featured events based on what’s coming up on the calendar. We are cutting the clutter to allow you to access information easily and stay up-to-date with everything coming up in the life of Celebration Church. Simply text CELEBRATION to 77977 and follow the prompts or click the links on below.


The Whole Story Bible Plan has shifted to the YouVersion Bible App! We are so excited to release this powerful devotional plan to the world. In order to access the plan, follow these simple steps!