We are so excited that you have decided to function as the priesthood of the believer and as you step into this, we want to resource you and your family along the way. Your very first step is to complete our Foundations ministry if you haven’t already done so. Foundations consists of four short video teachings from Pastor Stovall, and one half hour workshop at any of our Jacksonville locations on Sunday. At this workshop, you’ll have a chance to connect personally with our pastors and team, become a member of the church, and learn the foundations of being the priest of your home. If you are ready to go through Foundations, click the Foundations link below! If you have already gone through Foundations and you are ready for your next step of committing to be the priest of your home, click the Priesthood link below!

Haven’t Completed Foundations Yet?

Already Completed Foundations and Ready to be the Priest of Your Home?


This Bible reading plan is a metanarrative approach to studying God’s Word. As the Priest of your home, you receive access to additional conversation starters to help guide discussions as you gather with friends and family around the table and exclusive videos for kids/youth.


As the Priest of your home, we want to disciple you with a link to our online services so that you can invite friends or family who may not attend Celebration to watch our services at your home.


Resources For Communion & Having A Fun Sabbath Rest or Party In Your Home


Resources For Communion & Having A Fun Sabbath Rest or Party In Your Home


We want to disciple you with Dr. Heiser’s e-Book version of “What God Wants


The Mazuza is a family activity where you write scriptures and pray with your children and then place the scriptures inside the Mazuza and set the Mazuza on the door frame of your children’s bedroom as you set the name of God over your household.