God is moving in the life of Celebration Church as we align our lives to the Kingdom of God and begin demonstrating loyalty to Jesus through baptisms, tithe and giving, operating as the priest of your home, honoring the Sabbath on Friday nights and leading others in communion, serving our local city, and more! If you have a testimony of God doing something in your life, we would love to know!

Simply follow the instructions below.

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The goal of video recording your testimony is for you to share your testimony in under a minute. As a reference point, you can organize your story in “Before God/A Demonstration of Loyalty (baptism, tithe, communion, Sabbath” "What God Did/What demonstration I did" and “After God/After The Demonstrations” to help your thought process. You can reference this testimony below as examples of how to organize your testimony. However, this is your story so you can use your own words!

Example: “My husband and I were experiencing fragmentation in our marriage and arguing often. We began to practice the Sabbath and the peace of God has transformed our lives and renewed our marriage. We will never be the same!”



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