Celebration Church Family and Staff:

It is with heaviness of heart that we inform you of the difficult decisions that the Board of Trustees has made concerning the investigation of former Senior Pastor, Stovall Weems. As many of you are aware from public records and public statements made by Stovall and Kerri Weems, the Weemses filed a lawsuit against the Church after Stovall was placed in “not good standing” by the Board pending an Investigation into instances of pastoral misconduct. Pastoral misconduct was found to be present based on facts and corresponding documentation. The Church’s attorneys conducted a months-long investigation, interviewing more than 20 witnesses and reviewing thousands of documents. Stovall and Kerri Weems were asked multiple times to participate in the Investigation, but they refused. On April 24, 2022, the Board met to review the Investigation Report. In the report, the Church’s attorneys recommended 7 action steps, all of which were approved by the Board. Those steps are:

1. Accept the resignation of Stovall Weems and Kerri Weems as employees of Celebration effective April 15, 2022 without further compensation or benefits.

2. Pursue the removal of Stovall Weems and Kerri Weems from any positions of authority relating to the Church, Honey Lake Farms, Honey Lake Clinic, and AWKNG. 

3. Require Stovall Weems and Kerri Weems to account for and return to the Church all funds misappropriated by them.

4. Remove Stovall Weems and Kerri Weems from the parsonage and sell the property.

5. Require Northstream Management, Habitat for Wholeness, Honey Lake Farms and AWKNG to repay all receivables and loans made by the Church to those entities.

6. Report these findings to the appropriate authorities to determine whether criminal charges should be brought.

7. Engage in the Christian Conciliation Process outlined in Celebration’s bylaws.

To ensure the transparency of this process and promote healing and restoration, the investigation report is being made public. It can be found here. We trust that God will continue to work in and through Celebration Church, and we are grateful for each and every one of you that calls Celebration Church home.